The Beginning

Hopefully this will be the start of a good thing. I’m going to keep a record here of what is happening with the classes I’m teaching right now. So..


4- Please turn in your architecture papers


6- keep calm and keep going. I know things have been rough trying to get into the program, but you are all on your way!

Just remember if you need help or any extra direction, just let me know I’m glad to try and get you what you need.

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More Science Fair Info







The Powerpoint



Here is the Science Fair power point I used in case you need to see it again.

Good luck kids 🙂


This obviously didn’t happen so I kept on as 8th grade science teacher through the end of the semester. 

I thought  would be using this for classes but they have finally hired an actual teacher. The district is now just waiting for him to get his paperwork in order, considering they didn’t make sure it was in order before the interview process this delay is their own fault. So instead of recording the classwork, I will be moving in the direction of a personal blog.

I am looking foreword to the change. I’ve about had it with the  BS happening in classes now. From the ditching to the fights, I just don’t remember middle school being like this. And I look foreword to working with the ex ed kids.

Here we go. Into the beyond.





With only 2 and a half months left to the semester it is time to get serious about school.

1st and 3rd- there will be mini tests with the readings a couple times a week.

4th – please don’t forget!! Egg drop on 10/20. That is Thursday.

5th- we will do a little statistics and probability as part of the genetics fun, then move into evolution as the genetics lesson will wrap up at the end of October.

6th- If you need extra time to work online let me know and I will be happy to arrange it before or after school, or even at lunch.


Enjoy the rest of brake, I’ll see you on the 17th.



Tomorrow I will be out for first and third periods. Be nice to the sub. Best behavior.


I’ll be back for fourth period. I should have bridge stuff ready.

Fifth period I am missing tests! I can only guess that some were taken home or just not turned in. I need these exams so we can get grades updated.

Sixth period we really need to get focused and moving with the online class. No more games, just working on the class work. Y’all need to catch up.



It is a 4 day week!

First and third periods I will be entering the grades tonight and tomorrow.

Fourth period!! I am still waiting for the architecture papers as they are quite late now.

Fifth period, If you were not able to finish your exam… you may come in at lunch to finish. No more class time will be used for this. There was more than enough time and though I know many students were not using the time wisely, there should have not been a problem.

Sixth period I am pleased that you are moving forward with your lessons online and hope to keep you all moving onward.


Happy Monday

see you tomorrow


Today in first, third, and 5th period we worked on critter creation and continued inheritance of traits.

Fourth we reviewed designs in science structures pg 40-45

Notebooks and any extra credit and make up work were due


Sixth we continued to work on AGAVE.


Have a great weekend :).


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